Webinar: The Top 5 Supplements for Seasonal Immune Support*

April 29th, 2015 Presented by Carl Hangee-Bauer, N.D., LAc Every spring, millions of Americans seek occasional respiratory support. In the nasal lining and bronchial tubes of sensitive individuals, common environmental particles enlist a multi-step process to activate immune cells, which release prostaglandins, leukotrienes and other mediators that can influence upper respiratory function. Research suggests that […]

Webinar: The top 3 macronutrients for brain health: Amino acids, fatty acids, and cholesterol*

January 15th, 2015 Presented by Kelly Heim, Ph.D. The brain is a structurally and functionally unique organ that requires dietary amino acids, fatty acids and cholesterol to maintain homeostasis. Amino acids from dietary protein serve as indispensable building blocks for neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, and for neuropeptides that regulate emotions, thoughts, behavior, […]

Webinar: Nitric Oxide, Vascular Health and Athletic Performance: Beyond Arginine*

November 22nd, 2014 Presented by Kelly Heim, Ph.D. Nitric oxide (NO) is an endogenous vasodilator that maintains cardiovascular health and supports athletic performance. In the body, NO is made from the amino acid L-arginine. This process is heavily influenced by a variety of dietary factors, including phytochemicals, antioxidants, and the amino acid L-citrulline. New clinical […]