Watch Now: Practical Immunology for Non-Immunologists with Samuel F. Yanuck, DC, FACFN, FIAMA+


Pure Encapsulations® Presents

Practical Immunology for Non-Immunologists: A Functional Medicine Roadmap for Your Most Complex Patients
with Samuel F. Yanuck, DC, FACFN, FIAMA+

A balanced immune system is necessary to maintain healthy connective tissue and mucosal barriers. In this webinar, learn how to address the immunological underpinnings of a variety of common and complex cases.

In this recording, Dr. Yanuck shares:

  1. The impact of stress and microorganisms on immune balance, and how this affects joint, connective tissue and mucosal health
  2. A functional medicine approach that distills clinical immunology into four simple objectives that respond to strategic nutritional approaches
  3. How to apply this approach in different types of patients, including difficult and complex cases



+Dr. Yanuck has been retained as a medical consultant in advising Pure Encapsulations.

These seminars are for educational purposes only, are intended for use by licensed healthcare practitioners, and do not establish a doctor-patient relationship. The information provided does not necessarily represent the views of Pure Encapsulations.

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